Monday, July 14, 2008

Making My Home a Haven Challenge

I am a first time participant in Biblical Womanhood's Making Your Home a Haven Challenge. This challenge was just what I needed to dive into my week.

I try to do a thirty minute quick clean every morning. I didn't get that done Saturday or Sunday so I had to spend a little more time today.

Dining area before. Our garage connects directly to the kitchen so the table always becomes a dumping ground. I spent five minutes organizing and putting items in their proper home.

Kitchen before. I needed to empty the dishwasher so I could reload. I spent twenty minutes in here because I swept the floor and did a quick mop with a Swiffer wet. I also wanted to find a new way to store my Shark vacuum so it wasn't so noticeable.

The living room before. Stuff everywhere. I spent five minutes putting things away and re-tucking the slip covers.

The clean kitchen. I am not a huge fan of my floor, so no picture of that.

The clean dining area.

The clean living room.
Items checked off my to do list:
1) Go to the post office. It's two blocks from my house so I walked.
2) Schedule doctor's appointment
3) Change sheets
4) Do four hours of work. I work from home in the summer.
5) Organize computer desktop
6) Send my friend a card


Anonymous said...

I like your home and it's very neat! You did a great job.

BarbaraLee said...

I hate those dump spots.

Anonymous said...

I love your decor. Great work!

K-Rissa said...

Your house seemed so clean even before you picked-up!

You should see my disaster area of a house at the end of the day! I will be posting pictures tonight.