Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Ready for My First Baby

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed. I have spent most of this week nesting (and making hubs crazy). The more I do, the more I see that I need to do, and the more overwhelmed I feel.

Today I sat in the empty room that will be his nursery and cried. Mostly because my cup runneth over with joy, partly because I feel so inadequate.

I am so excited for this baby to arrive, but terrified at the same time. It is amazing to think that in about a month we'll go to Korea, meet our son, fly home, and instantly become the parents of a ten month old baby.

Is all this anxiety normal?


Sources of Joy said...

Hi! I just popped over from Rocks in my Dryer where I saw your comment about returning to work. I just wanted to let you know that it's normal to not want to go back. Many of my friends are SAHMs, but the few who do have to work dread the day when they will make the first daycare drop off. I lived that almost two years ago with my daughter; believe me, I was dreading it. In all honesty, I was really upset about even being pregnant (earlier than I had planned on) because I knew there was no option for me but to go back to work early. But my daughter is thriving, I'm thriving, my husband is thriving. I know it's painful and it can get old to see so many women at home with their kids, but it's not a bad thing to work. Yes, there was some major adjustment and there were rough periods as we learned how to be parents (which we had to do anyway) and how to work with a caretaker. But in some ways, my daughter is the most well-adjusted child of our small group and she's the only one in daycare. Also, we cherish our time together because it doesn't have the chance to get "old" easily. If God is over everything (which we know he is), he has plans for you in this and wants to help you through the pain of separation. Hang in there!

Kara said...

Stumbled on your blog today, and Oh yes, those emotions are quite normal. I am an adoptive mommy to 2 beautiful children. I still remember getting the phone call about my 1st and I was so excited I screamed. Then I couldn't stop crying. Then I freaked out. Then I wondered if I could do it. Then I got excited again. Then I cried. Thankfully - my sister had already been through the adoption process many years before and assured me of the same thing. A HUGE congratulations from one adoptive mom to another on your little baby who is coming home soon! What an exciting and special journey you are about to begin! So awesome!