Friday, July 10, 2009

Inexpensive Cleaning Supplies

I know that many people are WAY more frugal than me when it comes to cleaning supplies, but this is what I do to save money on cleaning supplies.

1) Use a concentrate. I am currently using up my supply of Mr. Clean and then I'll transition to Basic H. I use concentrate for my kitchen countertops, my bathroom, my floors, and pretty much any solid surface. Concentrate saves a ton of money. I can buy Mr. Clean on sale or with a coupon for between $1 and $2. The bottle I have now, I've been using for over six months - much cheaper than specialized cleaners.

2) Buy laundy detergent on sale. I was raised on expensive laundry detergent and at times I do miss the fragrance, but the cleaning power of a cheaper detergent is about the same. I buy Purex and Arm and Hammer when they're on sale and try to have 2 bottles in my stockpile at all times. I also only buy dryer sheets on sale with a coupon. My last great bargain was .87 Snuggle.

3) Forget the squirty mop and special pads. I bought into this because it's convenient, but it leaves a sticky residue on my floor and the cleaner and pads are expensive. Instead I use this mop for my daily kitchen wipe down. I love it! I just wet the pad in my sink, strap it on, and mop away. The pad is machine washable. The whole set up cost me $11 at the local stuff mart and I don't have to keep buying cleaning solution and pads.

4) Buy cleaning supplies when they're free or almost free. Though I have come a long way in my frugality when it comes to cleaning, I still can't give up Windex, Pledge, toliet bowl cleaner, or disenfecting wipes (my favorite for wiping down the bathroom). I buy those products only when they are on sale and I have a coupon. I'm still working on a stockpile of pledge that cost me .50/item from a Target deal last summer. I also have a stockpile of Windex that was free from a Target deal earlier this year.

5) Use what you have. I use cheap shampoo to clean my shower while I'm in the shower. If you buy Suave when it's on sale and use a coupon you can get it for free. I use vinegar in my dishwashwer instead of jet dry. I use lemon juice and baking soda to clean my washer tub. I just pour in equal amounts of both and run a large empty load on warm.

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