Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Seven random things I discovered this week...

1) I cannot keep to my grocery budget and have company for the weekend.

2) I do not have to hit every good deal. I was all prepared to hit this great coupon/rebate deal at Staples and then I looked at my budget for the week and was a little more hesitant. I finally decided to skip the whole thing. The next day I found another package of printer paper that I had forgotten in a box from our basement construction project.

3) Simple Sunday lunches and dinners work well for me. I need to be better about resting on Sunday. I feel a lot less stress about the end of the weekend/start of the work week when we do simple meals. Lunch: turkey wraps, cracker plate, fruit, baby carrots. Dinner: angel hair pasta with meat (Italian sausage) sauce, salad, fruit

4) I am not doing very well with my nightly routine. I do get the dishwasher started every night before going to bed, but if it's been a busy/long day I get little else done. Maybe I should try mornings?

5) 5.5 weeks left of pregnancy does not give me much time to get organized for the little lava lamp that is about to join our family. Thank goodness my mom and my sister are more than willing to help.

6) Actually reading health insurance statements is really important. I wonder how much money I have paid in medical bills that was already paid by our insurance. Tonight, I found a $20 discrepancy.

7) The Beth Moore Esther Study, It's Tough Being a Woman, is quickly topping the list of one of the best Bible Studies I have ever done. So much applies to modern womanhood.

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